How can Coaching with Neuroscience help me?

Coaching for confidence is one-to-one coaching which takes place online and in person in certain circumstances.  It will provide a space and dedicated time for any individual who wants to work on their self-confidence, their motivation to take actions which they may have been putting off for months or years.   Engaging in a process of coaching for confidence with neuroscience means that you will be able to learn how to develop your confidence and an awareness of your own neurobiology and how it impacts your daily life.  We all have neurochemicals which are reacting and responding all of the time to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and when our awareness of these grow we can use different techniques such as breathing techniques and positive self talk to regulate these chemicals and bring ourselves to a calmer state where thinking is clearer.

Being in a positive state of mind can have a significant impact on your overall well-being, motivation, and productivity.

We can build our self-confidence, take more actions and teach ourselves that we can have more positive experiences, and say “perhaps I can”.  

Coaching for confidence with neuroscience is a strengths based approach, where the coach is supporting you to identify your own resources and strengths, and walking by your side as you explore and use them to help you with your goals.   Coaching focuses on the future.  It looks forward and helps clients to see where they are going, to examine and strive for their preferred scenario in life.  

Why come to me?

I have worked in the counselling area for the last thirty years.  I have worked in private practice as a counsellor for the last 25 years.  I bring a vast amount of experience and knowledge to my coaching practice as a result of that work.  I have found that confidence is a major determinant in the work and personal success for people.  Many people have wisdom, abilities, education and dreams but they cannot reach their full potential because of one important missing component and that's confidence.  If they had confidence they would be able to do many things and feel more satisfied in their lives.  I can incorporate all of my skills and experience to help my clients to achieve confidence and improve their motivation in a coaching environment. 

What's your unique area of Coaching?

My practice is called Coaching for Confidence as I believe that confidence is important for every area of life, whether it is personal, business, public speaking, interpersonal relationships or fulfilment of life long dreams.       

How does Coaching work?

The process begins with a free 15 minute discovery session where we can discuss what you hope to gain from coaching and see if I'm the right person to help you achieve your goals.  We will then work together on your goals over a series of 4 to 6 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes.

What happens in a Coaching session?

A coaching session is time and space for you to process your values, beliefs, your motivation, your goals, and whatever it is that you are bringing to coaching to work on.  Coaching is about you and there is a coaching relationship with your coach.  I am there to support you, to hold a light for you to help you to find your way to your destination.  I am there to help you to discover your own solutions through listening and coaching interventions and tools. 

Who is Coaching suitable for?

Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to work on a goal which is appropriate for coaching.  Coaching for confidence could be described as life coaching and it is for individuals who want to work on themselves or have an action or endeavour that they want to carry out or complete.  We will explore your objectives for coaching during the free discovery session and agree the goals we will work on.